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French enjoys official language status in 29 countries spanning five continents, although there are communities who speak French indigenously on all six continents. Prior to English becoming the international lingua franca, French was considered the language of business and is still the most commonly taught second language in many schools worldwide.

If you are looking for a French translator or interpreter, ELS is your French language expert. ELS offers the knowledge and expertise, including its vast network of 3500+ other translators and interpreters to assist you with efficient and effective communication with your French speaker. In addition, ELS provides cultural advice and business etiquette training in the form of a cultural consultancy service.

We assist our clients from the public, private and voluntary sectors with all of their translation and interpreting needs. We provide technical translations, legal translations, translation of marketing and other material, such as marriage certificates and other forms of ID, insurance claims, contracts, websites, Memoranda and Articles of Association, etc.

Recent projects include: translation of financial material into French (Canadian); website translation in various fields, namely (food and drink, chemical engineering etc); translation of documents into French pertaining to cross-border litigation, which were subsequently submitted to the Court of Arbitration in Paris; translation of medical notes from French into English; translation of wills and so on.

We also work with a team of French interpreters who assist our clients in a vast range of scenarios, including police and court interpreting, meetings with solicitors, appointments with schools, GP and medical appointments, etc.

From medical, education or housing appointments to business contract negotiations and sports events, our interpreters have the experience to break through the language barrier and make sure you and your client are understood in your respective native tongues.

As with all of our 150+ languages, we offer a dedicated French translator or interpreter to be on stand-by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply get in touch at or call us on +44 (0)161 737 2970, explain your requirements and we will find a suitable linguist who specialises in your area.

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We offer bespoke services to fit your requirements. When dealing with us, you will be provided with the expertise of a fully accredited, professional translator or interpreter, who is specifically chosen to fit your project. Whatever your project, our friendly team are always delighted to discuss your needs.

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Express Language Solutions has been nothing but helpful every step of the way. ELS totally took the stress away from me. The Arabic translations of the website, marketing material and business cards were exemplary. The work was delivered quickly and accurately. I would definitely recommend working with them in the future.