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Equality and Diversity Policy

Express Language Solutions Ltd T/A ELS believes that the strength and competitiveness of the UK locally, nationally and globally rests with the country’s diverse population.

This belief is fully materialised through ELS’s business model which relies solely on the diversity of its staff that are treated with dignity and respect.

We recognise, however, that in our society groups and individuals have been, and continue to be, discriminated against on the basis of race, ethnic or national origin, colour, gender, marital status, class, disability, caring status, ex offender status, sexuality, age or religious belief.

ELS further recognises that there is both direct and indirect discrimination. It also believes that there is no evidence to suggest that passive policies will succeed in promoting equality of opportunity, nor that discrimination will disappear of its own accord.

It is our policy to take all reasonable steps to employ and promote employees on the basis of their abilities and qualifications without regard to race, religion, colour, sex, age, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation.

We are committed to diversity and the removal of physical barriers to equal opportunities and inclusion. We will appoint, train, develop and promote on the basis of merit and ability alone.

Employees should draw the attention of their immediate superior to suspected discriminatory acts or practices.

Employees must not victimise or harass any employee who has made allegations or complaints of sex or race discrimination, or discrimination on the grounds of disability, age, sexual orientation.

The purpose of this statement is to establish ELS’ commitment to prevent discrimination in its practices and to take active steps to stimulate genuine equality of opportunity. As well as being a possible criminal act or an act of discrimination (as defined by the Race relations Act 1976 or the Sex Discrimination Acts of 1975 and 1986), a racially or gender related may also be a disciplinary offence. Acts of racial and sex discrimination or harassment are offences for which employees can be disciplined, up to and including dismissal.

Dina Railean, MD; Lauren Barnes, Project Manager and Selection, Recruitment and Training Officer are jointly responsible for the monitoring and implementation of the policy.
In order to comply with all relevant legislation, guidance and Codes of Practice relating to employment, equality and inclusion, ELS operates a number of robust policies including:

  • Inclusion, Equality & Diversity;
  • Recruitment & Selection;
  • Training & Development.

ELS recognises that there are many barriers to true inclusion and equality of opportunity. These range from overt prejudice, in favour of or against particular groups or individuals, to unwitting ignorance of different lifestyles and needs. No matter what level, discrimination will not be accepted nor tolerated by ELS. Our commitment therefore is to ensure:

  • That no group in society is less likely than another to be recruited by us.
  • That opportunity is made available to all.
  • That the interpreting and translation services we provide are carried out in accordance with our Equality and Diversity Policy.

We have developed a positive organisational culture through which achievement of equality is central to our business and underpins everything we do.

ELS has adopted the following Implementation Strategy:

  • A copy of the Policy is distributed to all interpreters during the induction
  • The Policy is also made public by having it listed on ELS’s website
  • ELS has put in place a framework for securing change that includes effective communication, guidance, advice, support and review systems.
  • All employees and suppliers are obliged to adhere to this policy and meet all Equality and Diversity commitments.
  • To devise an Equality Plan.
  • All employees and ELS interpreters receive training in the field of Equal Opportunities and Diversity.

The policy’s effectiveness is assessed bi-annually or in line with the developments in legislation.

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Health & Safety Policy

Express Language Solutions’ policy is to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work for all our translators and other employees, and to provide such information, training and supervision as they need for this purpose. We also accept our responsibility for the health and safety of other people who may be affected by our activities.

The allocation of duties for safety matters and the particular arrangements which we will make to implement the policy are set out in this document.

The policy will be kept up to date, taking into account any change in the business or work activities, as well as changes in health and safety legislation. To ensure this, the policy and the way in which it has operated will be reviewed at twelve monthly intervals.

Employees will be made aware of the contents of this policy.

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Ethical Procurement Policy

Express Language Solutions supports the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Fundamental Labour Organisation Conventions and is committed to minimise the impact on the environment created by the manufacture and supply of the goods we procure.

To assist in achieving this, our suppliers must meet the following criteria:

  • Must minimise the impact on the environment caused by their activities by continually looking to reduce the use of resources, waste and by recycling where this would not negatively affect quality.
  • Maintain a safe and hygienic working environment.
  • Maintain a responsible policy towards labour rights within their own organisation and those of their suppliers.
  • Uphold basic human rights.
  • Must not be linked to any oppressive regime.

This policy will be regularly reviewed and updated, although specific issues will be considered regarding ethical issues that are not currently included in this policy as they arise.

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Environmental Policy Statement

Within its everyday business dealings, Express Language Solutions (ELS) recognises its own responsibilities in reducing the negative impacts it may have on the wider environment. ELS has taken a strategic decision with regards to environmental issues and it is therefore striving to reduce its carbon footprint though a number of activities, namely by recycling, reducing waste and adopting an efficient approach towards its usage of finite natural resources in all of the company’s operations and departments. To this end ELS has implemented the following environmental policy.

Policy Commitments

Within the Express Language Solutions policy we have made a commitment to:

  1. Provide a comprehensive, efficient and high quality service, where customer service is key, without any detriment to the environment.
  2. Comply with current environmental legislation and good practice.
  3. Minimise waste and pollution and continuously monitor our levels.
  4. Pre-sort waste for recycling where possible.
  5. Adopt a green procurement policy within the constraints of our business needs.
  6. Conserve energy resources, including light and heat.
  7. Use sustainable products and the preserve natural resources.
  8. Reduce the total amount of travel undertaken annually by our staff, having strategically placed servicing bases across the country and making full use of technology, i.e. telephones and video conferencing.
  9. Carry out all business activities in a manner which will reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Practical implementation has been agreed at the highest level of ELS and therefore rests with Dina Railean, the MD, to train the Office Manager to take the lead to:

  1. Distribute this policy statement in order to ensure that all employees and sub-contractors are aware of, adopt and implement the company’s policy.
  2. Make this policy public by uploading it to the company’s website.
  3. Monitor resource usage and waste flows.
  4. Procure where possible recycled and/or environmentally friendly materials.
  5. Comply with the recycling programme for all paper, plastics and used graphic materials.
  6. Communicate policies and procedures electronically to staff and suppliers.
  7. Set company objectives and targets to ensure continuous improvement, measurement and reporting of the company’s environmental performance.
  8. Encourage car sharing amongst employees and when possible, show a preference towards travelling by public transport to reduce staff mileage.
  9. Ensure efficient management of energy supplies, including use of renewable sources of electricity, conservation of water and reduction of pollution.
  10. Ensure that all our operations, whether on-site or off-site, fall within the guidelines and that all services supplied do not include any campaigns that could damage the environmental balance.

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