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German is not spoken in as broad a range of countries as English, French or Spanish, but it is considered to be the most widely-spoken first language in the European Union. Although most Germans have a good command of English, they greatly appreciate efforts made to communicate to them in their own language, and also prefer business meetings to be conducted in German.

Express Language Solutions is well placed to provide you with an experienced German translator or interpreter for your projects, catering to your individual needs and requirements, whether you are in the public, private or voluntary sector. In addition, we offer cultural advice and business etiquette training in the form of a cultural consultancy service.

Our specialist German translators can quickly translate any documents you need for a business trip to a German-speaking country, or we can provide a German interpreter for any dealings abroad or at home. Our translators and interpreters are experts in translating contracts, bids and international tenders, marketing material, procurement-related material etc. Our interpreters are all highly qualified and have experience interpreting inlegal and conference settings, or even simultaneously whilst someone else speaks.

Our recent projects include court interpreting during parental child abduction hearings at the Royal Courts of Justice; translation of Terms and Conditions of Business from German into English; translation of Request for Information (RFI) material from Swiss German into English in the field of defence; translation of technical manuals from English into German; translation of websites in the field of chemical engineering and translation of press releases for the UK’s largest eyewear manufacturer.

So if you are doing business with Germany, Austria or Switzerland and need a German translator or interpreter, please get in touch with us at, or call us on +44 (0) 161 737 2970. We work with 3500+ translators and interpreters worldwide and also offer our services in150 other languages. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will provide you with prompt and high quality translation and interpreting services.

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We offer bespoke services to fit your requirements. When dealing with us, you will be provided with the expertise of a fully accredited, professional translator or interpreter, who is specifically chosen to fit your project. Whatever your project, our friendly team are always delighted to discuss your needs.

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Express Language Solutions has been nothing but helpful every step of the way. ELS totally took the stress away from me. The Arabic translations of the website, marketing material and business cards were exemplary. The work was delivered quickly and accurately. I would definitely recommend working with them in the future.