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Since 2010, Express Language Solutions has been recognised as a Business Language Champion (BLC) – assisting in the Government’s drive to inspire more 11-16 year old school pupils to continue their Modern Language studies. By forging links between industry and education we are able to develop and enhance the vital skills which are required to compete successfully in the global economy. The decision to become a BLC is in line with the Express Language Solutions’ Corporate Social Responsibility.

The BLC Programme is sponsored by the Department for Education, and works in conjunction with the following bodies:

1.       Business in the Community – a business-led charity which focuses on creating a sustainable future for people and the planet as well as improving business performance;

2.       The Institute for Business Education Excellence;

3.       EdComs – a leading communication and research agency;

4.       Regional Language Networks and

5.       Links into Languages.

To this effect, Express Language Solutions has teamed up with the Sixth Form Holy Cross College in Bury, Greater Manchester and we also work under the tutelage of the Regional Language Network NW, promoting language learning and the many benefits that this may bring.

In January 2011 at Bury Town Hall, our CEO, Dina Railean, introduced pupils from a number of schools to the endless opportunities that present themselves in the world of interpreting and translations and the careers available in an interpreting and translation services company. The photographs below are taken from that event:

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