Salford Hundred Venture

An article on the 25th year of the Salford Hundred Venture project was recently featured in our local newspaper The Salford Advertiser. The non-profit organisation, which works exclusively with Salford businesses, aims to help local people turn their ideas into business ventures, and supports existing small enterprises to grow and develop.

Express Language Solutions’ CEO Dina Railean, pictured in the centre of the top right-hand corner image of the article, received support from the organisation when setting up her company.  See her comments below:

“There is a lot of excellent free advice and support if you are thinking of starting a business in Salford. I would urge anyone who is considering this to take advantage of the services provided by Salford Hundred Venture.

They are friendly and approachable and have some great ideas on how to get your business up and running, securing appropriate funding and gaining that most important commodity – customers. I know have a pool of 3500+ linguists providing interpreting and translation services for in excess of 120 languages, and in 2010 my success was recognized in the Business Awards where I reached the final stage of the competition”.

If you are considering setting up a business in Salford and feel that you would benefit from  free advice and training from local entrepreneurs, why not get in touch with Salford Hundred Venture Ltd on 0161 742 4424  or visit

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