ELS Gives Talk on Importance of Website Translation in International Trade at Liverpool Chamber of Commerce

Express Language Solution’s CEO Dina Railean will give a presentation tomorrow 31st of October 2012 at the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce on the Importance of Website Translation in international trade. The presentation will offer its audience advice and strategies for businesses looking to expand their global presence.

The talk will focus on how businesses can target their desired international markets through the employment of their companies’ website translation. In doing so, Dina will also contribute to the discussion of the day’s events involving areas such as Search Engine Optimisation, the importance of cultural awareness in translation and in international marketing as well as a variety of other themes.

As proud members of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, Express Language Solutions is pleased to be given the opportunity to speak at tomorrow’s Online Sales for Export event, which promises to be an interesting look at the way online business is evolving both locally and overseas.

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