International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 every year. It was originally called International Working Women’s Day. The purpose for celebration ranges from general appreciation of women through to appreciation and celebration of women politically, economically and socially.

It is celebrated around the world often with different themes being chosen to mark the occasion each year. It is an opportunity to also reflect on the challenges that women still face today, such as the overall issue of gender inequality that is prevalent in parts of society, as much in the third world as it can be seen in the UK and worldwide.

However, the date was not truly established as an important event to be honoured until 1977 when the UN General Assembly invited its member states to proclaim the day as a day for women’s rights and world peace.

Each year, International Women’s Day carries a different theme. Each theme is relevant to ongoing issues for women whether social, political or otherwise. This year, the UN is stepping up its campaign to end violence against women in line with International Women’s Day.

Efforts are being placed on raising awareness of issues such as violence against women in Pakistan and India as well as the prevalence of violence and mistreatment of women in the Republic of Congo.

The overarching message of the day will continue to be to fight for equality for women and their rights in all countries of the world.

Different events are organised each year to raise awareness and also celebrate the women. For example, in businesses and schools, different conferences, dinners and functions are set up to make presentations and organise debates about the day.

In some countries, the day is a national holiday, such as in places like Russia, Moldova, Azerbaijan and Armenia. In Moldova and Russia, this day has taken the form of “Mothers’ Day”, when males are expected to show their affection to their wives, girlfriends by buying gifts and flowers for them. Children are expected to treat their mothers too. On this day you may see a lot of men carrying large bouquets of flowers for their loved ones.

Here at Express Language Solutions, we believe it is important to recognise all that women have achieved in the world and to ensure the continuation of the fight for gender equality.

How is International Women’s Day celebrated in your own countries? We would love to know.

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