Friendship Day: An Universal Language

The picture shows a number of hands that have created the shape of a heart. In the middle it reads: International Friendship Day, Sunday 30 July 2023.

Friendship Day is a special occasion celebrated around the world to acknowledge and honour the bond of friendship. It’s a day to express love, care, and gratitude towards friends, often marked by the exchange of gifts, cards, and spending quality time together. Friendship Day typically falls on the first Sunday in August, although it may vary in some countries.

Now, let’s make a connection between Friendship Day and the fields of interpreting and translations.

Friendship Day: A Universal Language

Friendship is a universal emotion that transcends geographical boundaries, cultures, and languages. It’s a language that everyone understands, regardless of their background. In many ways, Friendship Day and the art of interpreting and translating share common values.

  1. Breaking Barriers: Just like interpreters and translators break down language barriers to foster communication between different cultures, Friendship Day celebrates relationships that break down social, cultural, and personal barriers, uniting people from diverse backgrounds.
  2. Understanding and Connection: Interpreters and translators work to convey not just words but emotions, context, and nuances from one language to another. Similarly, friends understand each other’s emotions and thoughts, often without words being spoken. The understanding between friends, like a skilled translation, can cross the barriers of language.
  3. Building Bridges: Translation is all about building bridges between different languages and cultures. Friendship also acts as a bridge, connecting hearts and minds, forging bonds that can last a lifetime.
  4. Global Celebration: Just as interpreting and translating serve global communities, connecting businesses, governments, and individuals across borders, Friendship Day is a global celebration. It unites people across nations in a common celebration of human connection.

A Symbolic Gesture

Perhaps a fitting way to mark Friendship Day in the context of interpreting and translating would be to celebrate friendships that have been forged across linguistic and cultural divides. Sending a Friendship Day card translated into a friend’s native language or sharing a quote about friendship in different languages could be a symbolic gesture that honours both the universal nature of friendship and the importance of linguistic diversity.

In a world where language can often be a barrier, Friendship Day serves as a reminder that the language of friendship is universal and enduring. It aligns with the mission of interpreters and translators who strive to create understanding and harmony between different cultures and languages. Whether it’s through words or deeds, Friendship Day and the field of interpreting and translations both serve to connect, enrich, and celebrate human relationships.

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How do you say “Happy Friendship Day!” in your language?

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